Hire Agreement

Payment & Cancellations: When you make a booking, no charges will be made and no deposit will be taken. Your payment will be due two months before the date of your booking, and it will be taken using the same card you used to make the booking.

If you make a booking within two months of the booking date, the total amount will be charged. Please note that if you are within two months of your booking date, your booking is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.

You may cancel or edit your booking up to 2 months before the booking date.

Access and safety: Key Codes will be sent to you 24 hours before your booking date via the email you provided. The keys to the rooms are in a key safe outside the front door on the wall.

FIRST-TIME USERS: First-time users of our venues must attend an induction to be shown the facilities before the booking.

Goddess House: Rhiannon, Brighde, Nolava, Banbha & Keridwen Rooms
Our receptionists are in the Goddess House from 10 am – 4 pm Monday-Saturday. They are available to do the induction to the venue. Contact them here or on 01458 899043.

Courtyard & Goddess Hall: Avalon, Miracles, Star Rooms & Goddess Hall
Please get in touch with the Temple Room Hire Office at least 1 week before your event to make an appointment. Contact them here, or on 01458 830062, Mondays 10:00 – 14:00 | Wednesdays 10:00 – 14:00 and Fridays 10.00 – 14.00


Hire Agreement Rules

NO DANCING: Except The Goddess Hall & Banbha Room


Candles should ALWAYS be on heat-proof surfaces AND in containers and NEVER directly on the floor.

NO INCENSE: Except for the Goddess Hall.

MUSIC: Applies to ALL rooms
Please let us know if you plan to PLAY MUSIC, SING, CHANT, USE AN INSTRUMENT, OR BE LOUDER THAN IN A GROUP DISCUSSION. DO NOT use any amplification other than the CD player and speakers provided (unless with prior written agreement from the room booking team.)

SHOES OFF: Applies to ALL rooms
Our Rooms are a shoe-free zone. Please take off your outdoor shoes/ boots.

FOOD AND DRINKS: Goddess Hall & Goddess House:
The kitchen is for drinks and the consumption of prepared food.

 FOOD AND DRINKS: Star, Avalon and Miracles Room:
The kitchen is for preparing hot drinks; there is a microwave only. This kitchen is not intended for food consumption, as it is too small.

Please bring your tea, milk and whatever you wish. DO NOT consume any drinks other than water, or any food, in any of the rooms.

LEAVING: Applies to ALL rooms
Please leave the room exactly how you found it and promptly at the time agreed. Ensure all candles are extinguished, all windows are closed, all lights are off, and all electrical sockets / CD players are switched off. Make sure you double-lock the House door using the larger key on the set.

FIRE SAFETY: In the event of a fire, you (the workshop facilitator) or an appointed person (see booking form) are responsible for ensuring that all members of your group have safely exited the building.

LOSS/DAMAGE: The hirer is responsible for any loss or damage from the room hire.

Goddess Hall

PARKING: Only the event leader/facilitator may park their car in the private car parking space in front of The Goddess Hall. Please inform your event attendees that they must find alternative parking elsewhere in town.

ALTAR SPACES: The Goddess Hall has four elemental altar spaces. Please respect these by not placing anything on these altar spaces that are changed regularly by the Hall dressing team. You may light the candles that are on these altars during your booking.

Goddess House

Never leave the front door open unattended. If there is no receptionist, we always ask you to lock the front door while using the rooms.

PARKING: Due to limited space, only the workshop leader/teacher can park their car in the private car park in front of the Goddess House/Hall. We cannot guarantee there will be a space available. Attendees will have to find a place to park elsewhere in town, where many car parks are available. The closest public car park is the Abbey car park across from the Goddess House.

ACCESS AND SAFETY: The keys to the House are in a key safe outside the House to the left-hand side of the door. This key must be kept in the safe at all times so that other people can gain access. IMPORTANT: Double lock the House door using the larger key on the safe when you leave. Ensure the key is returned to the safe and you scramble the code when you go.

CHILDREN: Taking children into The Goddess House is your responsibility. Please note that The Goddess House is not set up for children without surveillance (for instance: cleaning materials are not necessarily stored up high), so please take precautions.

ALTAR SPACES: The Altars in the Goddess House rooms are tended regularly by the House’s Priestesses, Therapists and Healers. Please honour and respect these altars as we do by observing the following practice when using the rooms:

It’s important not to use incense as it could activate the smoke alarm. Instead, only use candles and tea lights in holders, being careful not to spill wax. Dispose of used matches and leave the altar and room clean and tidy.

In emergencies, please contact:

All Rooms:
Morgana ( Booking Manager) 07949 643814
Mike Jones (Courtyard manager) 01458 831518

Avalon, Miracles & Star room:
Bradley Rowe (on-site caretaker) 07966 364340